Heidi by Adrie Stoete NOW ON PRE-ORDER

Created: Monday, 09 January 2017 Print Email

I can remember that some of the 1st Toddler kits available for reborners, was sculpted by Adrie Stoete... And she has done it again:o))))

Adrie has launched a surprize new toddler kit, Heidi.  She is a beautiful 26" kit with 3/4 Arms & Full Legs.  She will use 22mm eyes according to MacPherson's website.  This little girl has the cutest button nose and I love her full lips:o)))  She has already arrived at Adrie's and she will be en route to MacPherson very soon.  So you will not wait very long for her to be available.  I cannot WAIT to see all the versions that will be done by all the artists - very exciting.

The prototype on the left, was done by the very talented Crystal Nguyen from Paris Alley Reborns and I just LOVE her!!!

To order your kit, visit MacPherson Arts & Crafts HERE