Evelyn by Cassie Brace IN STOCK January 19th @ 2pm EST

Created: Wednesday, 04 January 2017 Print Email

Oh....my....Goodness!!!! What can I say about this amazing new kit, Evelyn by Cassie Brace....

I have had the privileged to paint a prototype of Evelyn for Cassie Brace and I tell ya... this baby is GORGEOUS!!!

She is a chunky 23" baby with full limbs and will be available IN STOCK & READY TO SHIP as of January 19th @2pm EST

Cassie has decided to have Evelyn ready to buy without having to wait for her on a pre-order...  She will be a limited edition of only 800 kits and will come with her COA and a cloth body & non-gendered belly plate.

Her vinyl is just wonderful and a very neutral flesh color.  You literally do not need to do any neutralizing on her and can start off painting right away.

Cassie has fast become one of our most beloved sculptors and this baby is just perfect.  The limbs are so detailed and in perfect scale to her head.  Cassie sure knows how to capture the perfect expression and Evelyn is no exception.  Those cubby baby cheeks and her lush lips are TDF!!!  I usually have a "thing" for a beautiful mouth with full lips... It inspires me!!! And Evelyn sure has been a huge inspiration.

This is definitely a MUST HAVE kit!!!

You can order her from MacPherson - of course - if you are in the USA, Canada or Brazil (they do sell world wide too) or from any of Cassie's dealers for the rest of the world.

I'm including Evelyn's WIP gallery for your viewing pleasure:o))))

You can order you Evelyn Doll Kit HERE