The Use of Linseed Oil with your GHSP

Created: Sunday, 20 July 2014 Print Email

It's been almost 17b years since I first let the cat out of the bag on what my secret weapon was on getting my flesh layers smooth, silky, chalky-free and with no sponge marks....

I got a lot of criticism about the use of linseed oil in my Genesis Heat Set Paints....  some said it might have a yellowing effect.... even spontaneous combustion was on the table hehe  But I think linseed oil has stood the test of time and it's now a household name under reborn artists to use to smooth their flesh and pastel colored layers of paint.  Any white based paints like your flesh or pastel colors, have the tendency to show up chalky or with sponge marks once it has been heat set.  Linseed Oil eliminates this problem.

You will need:

GHSP in flesh or pastel color

Artist's Oderless Thinner/Solvent

Artist's Linseed Oil (e.g. Museum or Windsor Newton)