SOLD: April by Joanna Kazmierczak

Created: Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Prototype April by Joanna Kazmierczak ~ SOLD

Her details are as follows:

Size:  19-20"

Arms:  Full

Legs:  Full

Body:  Cloth body filled with Soft Pellets, Glass Beads, and Extra soft Fiber Filling

Hair:  Painted

Price:  SOLD

Dominic Rafael by Laura Tuzio Ross ~ SOLD

Created: Tuesday, 03 January 2017

Prototype Evelyn sculpted by Cassie Brace ~ SOLD

Created: Saturday, 28 January 2017

Prototype Bambi sculpted by Bonnie Sieben ~ SOLD

Created: Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Twin B sculpted by Bonnie Brown ~ SOLD

Created: Tuesday, 03 January 2017


"This is my Sophia, she has been a baby lover ever since she was a baby herself. She has been in love with reborn dolls ever since she first saw one a few years ago in the local mall being carried by her mother 😊 she has been begging me for a baby for the longest time and as I began my search for the perfect baby, I knew Suzette with Petite Cherie was exactly who I had been searching for! She is such a kind and loving person, she truly cares and loves what she does and I am telling you she is very talented! When the baby arrived it was all I could do to not hold her myself when Sophia was not home! Beautiful is an understatement, the detailing of this baby exceeds my expectations 100%. She is weighted in all of the right places, her little head needs support just like a real newborn. Her skin tone is just gorgeous and her painted hair is like nothing I have ever seen done before! This is a piece of art no doubt! When Sophia opened the gift, we were all blown away by her emotional reaction, this video shows the reaction one gets when they open their box to receive one of Suzette's babies, it literally takes your breath away! The whole room was crying! We will never forget this for the rest of our lives, thank you so much Suzette! We can't wait for our next baby, and you will be the one for that! "