Penny by Natali Blick Pre-Order December 16th @ 11am EST

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Penny by Natali Blick (reborned by Anna Arutyunyan)

Penny by Natali Blick has been buzzed about all over the reborn world...

Penny is going to sell like hot cakes and her Edition is only 999 ... which is very few, considering everyone wants her... So if you think of the 5000+ reborners out there that all wants her, you better go running to get her lol

She WILL sell out instantly and believe me - you don't want to miss out on her:o)))

Thanks to my friend Svetlana Gundarina, I can give you the following info on Penny...

Details of the kit are as Follow:

  • Full Price: $ (REMEMBER ~ FREE SHIPPING within the USA Continental and Canada from MacPherson!!!)
  • Size:  22"
  • Head Circumference:  14.5"
  • Arms:  Full
  • Legs:  Full
  • Eye Size:  20mm
  • Cloth Body:  Can be Added
  • Edition: (999)
  • Vinyl: Light Neutral Vinyl

And as you all know.... Im Pro-MacPherson...